Frequently asked questions

1. Will my information remain confidential?
Yes, your information will remain strictly confidential. Our business depends on our ability to ensure each of our customer's information remains confidential. Middleton Harvey will happily sign a confidentiality agreement before commencing the Organisational Health Check. If you would like to discuss this further please contact Middleton Harvey directly.

2. Is my information secure?
Yes, Middleton Harvey uses SSL Encryption Technology to ensure that your information is kept securely. These Secure Encryption Technologies provide you with the very best in internet safety for your peace of mind. Also access to the results of the survey will be provided to you using a user name and password. With the exception of the team at Middleton Harvey you are the only one who can view the results of your organisation health check.

3. How many people should complete the health check?
As many people as possible as the more information submitted the better the quality of the conclusions drawn from these results. It is important that a number of the Executive team (Senior Managers), Directors/Owners complete the survey as well as the employees. One aspect of the survey analyses the differences in responses between these groups. Our surveys have been conducted with smaller organisations of 5 people (in this case they all completed it) to larger organisations where a sample group completed it. Typical conclusions are based on 95% confidence intervals which are used to determine population sample numbers.

4. How long does the health check take to complete?
The survey takes participants approximately 30 minutes each to complete. The survey is completed on line.

5. How long before we can expect the results of the health check?
Typically the results are presented within one month of the organisation registration. The timing will depend on how long it takes for the survey responses to be collected from the participating organisation.

6. How much does it cost?
The organisation health check is absolutely FREE. There is no obligation to use our services but many of our clients do.

7. What do I get at the completion of the organisation health check?
The conclusions from your survey will be presented to you in person by Middleton Harvey. Alternatively, where this is not possible to do this, the presentation will be presented remotely using skype or an equivalent service. Middleton Harvey will also provide to you an electronic copy of this report.

8. What are the limitations of the Organisation Health Check?
The Health check is limited to the survey responses to the listed questions. It does not include a review of your organisations financial statements, systems, procedures or risk analysis. All these services can be provided by Middleton Harvey but are not a part of the Health Check.


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