Free Organisation Health Check

The Middleton Harvey Organisation Health Check is a FREE diagnostic tool which checks the health of your organisation. The Health Check examines a range of business areas including;

The Health check is designed to collect data from a cross section of Management and Employees. It consists of three sections;
1. About you - this sections asks a few questions about the participant;
2. Multiple Choice - this section asks a range of questions where participants are asked to respond somewhere in the spectrum of whether they Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree; and
3. Short Answer - this section asks a few questions that requires a short written response.

The Health check will take participants approximately 30 minutes to complete on line. The Health Check registration process is also short and you can commence completing the survey normally within two business days.

Once the data is collected Middleton Harvey analyses the information and then draws conclusions which are summarised for you as an Action Plan. The Action Plan identifies any gaps you may have in your current business. These findings are then presented to you (preferably in person) and a copy of the presentation sent to you electronically.

There is absolutely no charge for this service. Do not wait any longer - Get Started today!

The Steps

Register your organisation by clicking on the GET STARTED arrow below and complete the information requested.

Middleton Harvey reviews your registration and will be in contact with you to arrange for the survey to be undertaken at your organisation.

a. Survey Participants are invited to complete the survey.
b. Surveys are completed by the participants.

a. Middleton Harvey analyses the results of the survey and draws conclusions from these results.
b. Middleton Harvey presents the findings to the Organisation
c. Middleton Harvey provides an electronic copy of the presentation to the organisation.


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