Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Middleton Harvey?
Middleton Harvey are a niche management consulting organisation servicing clients both big and small. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality services that make a real difference to our clients.
Middleton Harvey was formed in 2011 when John Middleton and Chris Harvey entered into a partnership to provide services to businesses that would help them achieve their objectives. Both John and Chris have worked for and consulted to a number of organisations. Their skill sets are complimentary and they are both driven to make real differences to an organisation.

2. What does Middleton Harvey stand for?
Middleton Harvey stands for and lives by it’s Vision, Mission and Values.
Our Vision

To exceed client expectations so that they become Raving Fans of Middleton Harvey.

Our Mission

Working in partnership with businesses to make changes that make a difference.

Our Values  
• Integrity We do what we say we are going to
• Honesty We say what we think and feel
• Commitment We are passionate about all we do and deliver to our promises
• Fun We think work can include some fun and we enjoy a laugh at these times
• Authentic We strive to do the right thing
• Pride We pride ourselves in delivering high quality services
• Client First We strive to meet our client's needs

3. What services does Middleton Harvey provide?
Middleton Harvey provides a range of services to our customers to help them improve their bottom line through;

• Business Planning
• Performance Management
• Change Management
• Management Practices
• Organisation Start Up
• People Management
• Project Management
• Business Mentoring/Coaching
• Training

Middleton Harvey also provides a specialist service where they can run the business for the owner whilst the owner takes leave or an extended break.

4. What makes Middleton Harvey different from the other consulting companies?
Middleton Harvey tailor and work with you to deliver programs that meet your needs. We understand that you have limited time and resources, and that you want to deal with people who have an understanding of your business. We know that you'd prefer to 'partner' rather than being told what to do. Most importantly, we're confident that you'll enjoy working with us, and that we will make a real difference to your organisation.

5. What clients has Middleton Harvey worked with previously?
Middleton Harvey work with a range of clients from larger publicly listed organisations through to smaller privately owned businesses. Our clients are based throughout Australia and overseas. Examples of our clients are provided here.

6. How much do the services cost?
Middleton Harvey rates are tailored to meet the needs of each of our customers. Four typical types of fee structures used are;
• A Project Based fee - A set fee is charged to complete a specific project
• An Hourly or Daily rate fee - A fee paid per hour or per daily rate based on the agreed scope of work
• A Monthly Retainer fee - A monthly fee is paid based on a regular amount of work being performed each month, or paid for ongoing help as required by the client
• Client Specific fees - Tailored fees to meet the specific needs of our customers
Refer to our Commercial terms for further details, which can be found here. Providing quality service and value for money is central to the way Middleton Harvey work.

7. How do I get in contact with Middleton Harvey?
Middleton Harvey can be contacted by email on or phone John Middleton on 0400 557 303. Refer to our 'Contact Us' page to send us an initial enquiry or for further details.

8. What is an Organisation Health Check?
The Middleton Harvey Organisation Health Check is a FREE diagnostic tool which checks the health of your organisation. The Health Check examines a range of business areas including Vision, Direction, Control, People and Culture. The Health check is designed to collect data from a cross section of management and employees. It takes participants less than 30 minutes to complete. The information collected is then analysed and presented back to the organisation identifying areas for improvement. Recommendations are also made on how to go about closing these gaps.



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